About Harvards

In an ever changing and evolving world – leaving school with strong maths and english skills is vital to your child’s success. Effective tuition will improve and develop the skills needed to achieve at school, improve exam results and give your child the chance to grasp future opportunities!

Harvards Education is committed to promoting excellence and innovation through the use of technology in teaching. We are focused on creating qualitative standard as well as the best test-based outcome in education within the primary and high school platform.


We make learning support accessible and convenient so that tutoring can be booked at a time that suits each child’s schedule. Learning sessions take place live and online via our learning platform, which means students can log in from the comfort of home and work with their expert tutor without interrupting the family schedule.


All of our content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and is based on the unique learning needs of each individual. 

Thanks to the online nature of our approach, we’re able source, train and quality check the best tutors from around Australia and make them available to any student. 


How We Ensure Success

Ensuring success is built into the very structure of what we do from the selection of tutors, through to delivery of tuition. At its core are three principles which underpin everything. It’s why we can say confidently – your child will make progress every week.

  • Assess – Teach – Consolidate
  • Progress Every Week
  • We will feedback your child’s progress every week

By continually assessing what your child can do today, we can then teach the next steps to improve understanding. By repeating this every week you will see the progress you are seeking.

What Makes us Different from a Tutoring Place?

  • We set challenging tasks with professional support – everyone achieves
  • Tuition is personalised and engaging – delivered by staff who care
  • Qualified teachers provide face to face tuition ensuring progress every week
  • Your regular tutor will provide continuity, face-to-face tuition and a single point of contact for feedback

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