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Falling behind?

Struggling in specific areas? Work through your child’s challenges with the right support.

Extra motivation?

Support to keep your child on track and reengage their mind.

Ready to extend?

Challenge your child to reach their full potential.

Need to address a specific need?

Perhaps the classroom just isn’t meeting all of your child’s learning needs or they want to prepare for a specific assessment

Private tutoring for primary students

Expert tutoring

Highly skilled tutors that are friendly, patient and relatable.

Quality content

Quality content designed by education professionals in English and Maths.


Delivered face-to-face online - so you can relax at home while they learn.

How does our approach to learning work?

Tailored tutoring with a plan

The learning program

Structured around your child’s individual needs and goals, our learning programs adapt over time to build confidence and offer the right help at the right time.

Quality content

Tutoring sessions

Practice exercises

Optional practice questions and exercises to work through between sessions.

Regular reporting

Feedback after every session helps you keep track of your child’s progress.