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Senior Maths

1. Sets and combinations
a. Review and extension of concept of set
b. Permutations and combinations
c. Mathematical induction

2. Functions and relations
a. Functions 
b. Relations
3. Polynomial functions
a. Analytic geometry (lines, slopes, conics, etc.)
b. Polynomial equations (theory of equations)
  c. General polynomial (axO )
d.Graphing and analyzing polynomial equations
4. Exponential functions
a. Review definition, properties, and graph aX.
b. Analysis of exponential functions
5. Logarithmic functions X
a. Review of definition, properties, and graph 10
and its inverse log x
b. Extension to base a
c. Graphs of y=logax
6. Circular functions
a. Radian measure 
b. Review fundamental trigonometric functions
c. Graphing y=a sin k(x±c)
d. Inverse of trigonometric functions
e. Solution of trigonometric equations 6. Polar coordinates
f. Vectors
g. Identities